Order of Augustinian Recollects (O.A.R.)

Order of Augustinian Recollects (O.A.R.)
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Monday, December 18, 2017


The boxes of Sunday envelopes are now available for the new year. You may pick them up after Mass next week.  Please, remember your envelope number as they are arranged in numerical order. THIS IS YOUR REGISTRATION IN THE PARISH. 

Those who DO NOT have envelopes may take a box without a name/label. For previous and new envelope users, please complete the first envelope (yellow) with your name, address, city, zip code and telephone number printed clearly and, PLEASE BE SURE TO MAKE A NOTATION ON FUTURE ENVELOPES IF YOU HAVE A CHANGE OF ADDRESS. (None of this information is ever shared with anyone). 

After the beginning of the new year, you may contact the Parish Office for a statement of your donations to the church and/or to the Together in Mission Annual Appeal. These statements can be used when preparing your Income Tax. THANK YOU FOR USING ENVELOPES AND REGISTERING IN THE PARISH!

Las cajas de los sobres dominicales del año nuevo están disponibles. Pueden recoger los sobres después de Misa la próxima semana. Favor de recordar su número de sobre. Las cajas estarán puestas en orden numérico. EL NUMERO DE SOBRE ES LA REGISTRACION EN LA PARROQUIA. 

Los que NO TIENEN SOBRES pueden tomar una caja que no tenga nombre/etiqueta. Todos, los que tienen sobres y los que no tienen, favor de llenar el sobre amarillo claramente con su nombre, dirección, código postal y número de teléfono. FAVOR DE INFORMAR ALGUN CAMBIO DE DIRECCION QUE OCURRA EN EL FUTURO. (Su información personal es confidencial y no se le dará a nadie.) 

Después del año nuevo, pueden solicitar en la oficina el estado de cuenta de las donaciones que han dado a la Iglesia o a la campaña de Unidos en Misión. Se les recuerda que el estado de cuenta de las donaciones a la Iglesia se puede usar cuando hagan su declaración de impuestos (Taxes) GRACIAS POR USAR LOS SOBRES Y REGISTRARSE EN LA PARROQUIA.

Sunday, December 17, 2017


Our Gospel today reminds us that we need to journey to the Lord in order to grow in our faith.  One of the lessons of this Third Week of Advent is that if we want to meet the Lord, we must be willing to seek him and want to find him.  As we continue in this Advent journey, may we be “witnesses to the light” and may our hearts and minds look to the coming of Christ.

En el Evangelio de este domingo, se nos recuerda que, si queremos llegar a la fe, debemos estar dispuestos a emprender un viaje. Una de las lecciones para esta tercera semana de Adviento es que, si queremos encontrar al Señor, tenemos que estar dispuestos a buscarlos. A medida que esta semana comenzamos las etapas finales de la preparación del Adviento, seamos “testigos de la luz” y centremos más plenamente el corazón y la mente en la venida de Cristo.

Monday, December 11, 2017


We have bi-lingual Catholic Calendars for 2018 with listings of holidays and feast days of the saints. The cost of the calendars for the parish was $2, however we would ask you to consider a donation of $1 for each calendar. Calendars are available in the Sacristy or in the office.

Tenemos calendarios  católicos bilingües para el año Nuevo 2018 que incluye días festivos y días festivos de los santos. El costo de los calendarios para la parroquia fue de $2, pero le pedimos una donación de $1 por cada calendario. Los calendarios están disponibles en la Sacristía o en la oficina.

Saturday, November 25, 2017


I received a wonderful gift from my brother – a pilgrimage to Portugal, France and Spain which took place from Oct. 17 – 26, to celebrate my 45th anniversary with the Order of Augustinian Recollects.  We were three priests and a group of 35 pilgrims.  We arrived in Lisbon, Portugal and traveled to Fatima, where I had the privilege to be the principal celebrant for our Mass there to begin our pilgrimage.  

It was wonderful to be there to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the apparition of Our Lady to the three young children.  Afterwards we participated in the Rosary and the candlelight procession.

We returned to Fatima the following day and celebrated Mass with other pilgrim groups at the Chapel of the Apparitions.  We prayed in the main basilica where Saints Jacinta and Francisco are buried along with Sister Lucia, the third visionary. 

The morning of the 20th we visited the birth places of the children outside of Fatima as we traveled to Coimbra.  There we celebrated Mass at the Carmelite Convent, where Sister Lucia lived until her death in 2005.  

From there we left Portugal and traveled to Santiago de Compastelo in Spain, the burial place of St. James the Apostle.  The “Camino” is a very popular experience for pilgrims.  

We celebrated Mass there and were privileged to have the “Butafumiero” at the end of the Mass.  This is a very large censor (weighing about 400 pounds) that is attached to very strong rope and swings from side to side (ceiling to ceiling) with eight men controlling the rope.  The incense billowing through the air is a sight to see.  (You can see the “Butafumiero” in action in the video below.)

On the morning of the 21st we celebrated Mass in the Chapel of Our Lady of Pilar there before leaving the Galicia region and traveling by bus to Astorius and to the town of Santander.  

This was a free evening.  About 15 of us took a nice walk and stopped in the Casino which is a very prominent building.  (I placed 5 euros in the machine and won, much to the delight of everyone.  I then treated all of them to gelato.)

We traveled to France on the 22nd to the village of Lourdes and joined the candlelight procession there.  

The following morning we attended Mass at the grotto where Our Lady appeared to St. Bernadette.  I was invited to be one of the principal concelebrants. 

The rest of the day was spent at our own leisure.  We had the opportunity to visit the baths with the holy water and in the afternoon it was a wonderful experience participating in the procession of the Blessed Sacrament with the sick in wheelchairs and on stretchers.  I was able to escort one lady with her wheelchair.  

That night we returned to the basilica which was just a few blocks from our hotel and joined the candlelight procession.  (The evening processions in Fatima and Lourdes are very impressive and during the praying of the Rosary, everyone raises their candles at the Glory Be and sing the Marian hymns with such enthusiasm.)  I was able to treat myself to Quiche for lunch and Crepes for an afternoon snack.

We left France on the morning of the 24th and traveled back to Spain with tremendous views as we crossed the Pyrenees mountain range.  The scenery was beautiful with the mountains and the trees which were just beginning to change colors.  Our destination was the Abbey of Montserrat, Spain.  (The road to the Abbey winds through the mountain range and the name “Montserrat” is where we get the name for a “serrated knife” as the mountains are so rough and jagged.)  

Here, in the abbey church is the image of Our Lady of Montserrat and this is a very popular destination for tourists and pilgrims.  The abbey is so high in the mountains that we found ourselves above the clouds.  I was able to be the main celebrant that evening in the abbey church under the image of Our Lady of Montserrat.

 When I arrived in my room, there was a surprise – a chilled bottle of champagne.  I inquired of the other two priests and several pilgrims if they found a surprise in their room – they hadn’t.  I was able to bring the champagne to dinner and everyone had a chance to share and to offer a toast.

On the 25th we went into Barcelona for Mass at the cathedral and after lunch, we visited the Sagrada Familia Basilica which is the inspiration of Antoni Guadi – this is a work in progress. (It would be worth visiting www.sagradafamilia.org to learn more about its history.)  It is scheduled for completion in 2026. 

Whether calculated left to right or top to bottom,
 the numbers add up to 33, the age of Christ at the time of his death.

Sagrada Familia Basilica
 We returned to the Abbey in Montserrat for dinner and to prepare for our journey back to the United States.  We were blessed with fantastic weather all throughout our trip and a wonderful spirit among the pilgrims.  This was a trip of a lifetime!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


As we approach the feast of our parish, Cristo Rey, this is a wonderful opportunity for us to prepare ourselves spiritually as members of the Kingdom of God. The novena prayers will continue each night at the 7:00pm Mass from November 17-25. 

The Solemnity of Cristo Rey is Sunday November 26, and we will have the regular schedule of masses. Plan on joining us for the festival here from 8:00am until 4:00pm. There will be a variety of food booths and music.

The procession through the streets with the image of Christ the King, accompanied by the Band “Nueva Ilusión” will begin at approximately 1:30pm. This is OUR feast and the opportunity to come together as the community of Cristo Rey.

Nos estamos acercando a la celebración de la fiesta de nuestra parroquia de Cristo Rey. Esta es una gran oportunidad para prepararnos espiritualmente como miembros del Reino de Dios.  La novena en honor de Cristo Rey será cada noche en la Misa de7:00pm empezando el Viernes 17 de Noviembre al Sábado 25 de Noviembre. 

La Solemnidad de Cristo Rey es el Domingo 26 de Noviembre. Tendremos el horario regular de las Misas dominicales. Los esperamos a la fiesta de 8:00am a 4:00pm. Habrá variedad de comida y música. 

La procesión por las calles con la imagen de Cristo Rey comenzara aproximadamente a la 1:30pm con la Banda “Nueva Ilusión”.” Esta es NUESTRA fiesta y una buena oportunidad de reunirnos como comunidad de Cristo Rey.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Thursday, November 23, is a national holiday as we pause to offer our thanks to God for many gifts we have received. The Masses on Thanksgiving Day will be held at 7:00am (Spanish) and 9:00am (Bilingual). There will be no evening Mass.

Jueves, 23 de Noviembre, es día de fiesta nacional, cuando hacemos una pausa para ofrecer nuestro agradecimiento a Dios por todos los bienes recibidos. Las Misas se celebraran a las 7:00am (Español) y a las 9:00am (Bilingüe). No habrá Misa por la noche.

Saturday, November 4, 2017


“Loaves and Fishes”, associated with Catholic Charities, works to assist the poor. We have several members working with this group on a regular basis. They are in need of the following items for distribution to the homeless: small packages of Apple Sauce, Fruit Cocktail and Peanut Butter (these can be purchase at the 99 Cent or Dollar Store). They are also in need of socks. Any of these items can be brought to the church office and we will distribute them to those who minister daily to the poor among us. Thank you.

“Loaves and Fishes”, está asociado con Caridades Católicas, da asistencia a los pobres. Tenemos varios miembros trabajando con este grupo regularmente. Ellos necesitan lo siguiente para distribuirlo a los que están sin casa: paquetes de tartaleta de manzana, fruta en lata y mantequilla de cacahuate (se pueden comprar en la tienda de 99). También necesitan calcetines. Cualquiera de estos artículos los puede traer a la oficina de la iglesia y se los entregaremos a los que sirven a diario a los pobres. Gracias.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

November 2, First Thursday, exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, beginning with 7am Mass and ending with Benediction at 6:30pm. Please pray for an increase in religious vocations, especially for the Order of Augustinian Recollects.

Confessions from 4 to 5pm
November 3, First Friday of the month, attend Mass and receive Communion in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

2 de Noviembre, primer Jueves del mes, Exposición del Santísimo, comienza con la Misa de las 7am y termina con la Bendición del Santísimo a las 6:30pm. Por favor pidan por el aumento de vocaciones, especialmente de la Orden de los Agustinos Recoletos.

Confesiones de 4 a 5pm
3 de Noviembre, primer Viernes del mes, asista a Misa y reciba la Sagrada Comunión en honor al Sagrado Corazón de Jesús.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Wednesday, November 1st is the Feast of All Saints. Catholics are encouraged to attend Mass to implore intercession of the saints in our daily needs for our families. This feast is a reminder that ALL OF US are called to holiness.

El Miércoles 1 de Noviembre, es la Fiesta de todos los Santos. Se anima a los católicos asistir a la misa para implorar por la intercesión de los santos en nuestras necesidades diarias y para nuestras familias. Esta fiesta es un recordatorio de que TODOS NOSOTROS estamos llamados a la santidad.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


During the month of November, Pope Francis asks Catholics everywhere to pray that Christians in Asia, bearing witness to the Gospel in word and deed, may promote dialogue, peace, and mutual understanding, especially with those of other religions.

Durante el mes de Noviembre, el Papa Francisco pide a los católicos rezar por los cristianos de Asia, para que, dando testimonio del Evangelio con sus palabras y obras, favorezcan el dialogo, la paz y la comprensión mutua, especialmente con aquellos que pertenecen a otras religiones.